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Zimbra collaboration Suite

Zimbra collaboration Suite 5.0

Zimbra collaboration Suite 5.0 is leading open source server and client software that gives you modern and innovative messaging and collaboration experience. It integrates email, group calendaring, contacts, and web document management and authoring into a browser-based interface. The Zimbra server is applicable in Linux, Mac OS X, appliances, and virtualization platforms. The Zimbra Web 2.0 Ajax client runs on Firefox, Safari, and IE, and provides easy integration of web portals, business applications, and VoIP using web services.

Key Administrative Benefits

  • Enhance reliability and efficiency
    Move online, backup and recover individual or a group of mailboxes in a speedy manner
  • Cost effective
    Native hierarchical storage management or Information Lifecycle Management (HSM / ILP) lowers overhead
  • Easy to maintain
    Allow simple integration with Microsoft Active Directory and existing LDAP
  • Compatibility with existing infrastructure
    Web services combine with existing enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, etc
  • Security
    Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus

Key End-user Benefits

  • Elegant experience
    Innovative Ajax-based web client with fast and powerful search, comprehensive shared calendar and mail that combine with contacts and calendar
  • Flexible client choice
    Use PC client Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and iCal, Thunderbird/Sunbird, RSS, etc.
  • Stay Connected
    Support for mobile devices: Blackberry (via partner solutions), Treo, Palm, Nokia, Motorola, Good, Pocket PC, etc.
  • 1Freedom of choice
    Support of Windows, Apple and Linux computers

Zimbra for Government and Non-Profits

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) provides state-of-the-art messaging and collaboration solutions (email, address book, calendaring, web documents, etc.) for organizations to either deploy on your own premises, through your outsourcing partners, or via hosted service providers.

ZCS has much to offer to government and non-profit organizations:

  • Higher end-user productivity
    • Rich Web 2.0/Ajax user interface(see Flash demos) with sharing, search, RSS, VoIP, tagging, etc.
    • Wiki-based collaboration for simple document/spreadsheet authoring, ad hoc sharing, and inclusion of desktop documents/public folders.
    • Extensible mash-up/portlet architecture (Zimlets) for easily integrating intranet applications and Internet web services.
    • Support for a broad range of email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Apple, Linux) and mobile devices via "over the air" sync
    • Easy "reskinning" and rebranding of the Zimbra UI to enhance the organization's brand.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Web and mobile delivery to accommodate end-users at the lowest possible cost.
    • Software appliance for decreased administrative overhead.
    • Server consolidation based on scalability and increased functionality (native mobility, collaboration, archiving, etc.).
    • Volume and hierarchical storage management (HSM), as well as a single-copy message store to accommodate large quotas on commodity storage.
    • Cross-mailbox search for litigation discovery, policy, and compliance.
    • Native anti-spam (AS) and anti-virus (AV).
    • Strong internet-based security (SSL/TLS for all protocols) that does not require a VPN, and supports single sign-on via business's portal.
    • Class of service provisioning for all major features.

At the same time, Zimbra also uniquely protects your organization's investment:

  • ZCS is itself open source.
  • ZCS leverages mature open source server infrastructure - Linux/Unix file system for the message store, MySQL for meta-data storage, Apache for web container, Lucene for search, etc. (See the Zimbra Architecture Overview for more detail.)
  • ZCS supports standard protocols for interoperability - POP3, IMAP4, iCalendar, HTTP/S, REST, RSS, MAPI, iSync, and so on.
  • All ZCS operations and network protocols use open XML/SOAP for easy bi-directional integration with business applications (whether on-premises or hosted).
  • Integration with existing LDAP/Active Directory, security (AS/AV), and compliance infrastructure.
  • Zimbra uses standard MIME format for storing messages on disk (one message/file), which means the formats are open to operating system utilities and scripts.
  • Zimbra worked in collaboration with IBM to co-found the Open Ajax Alliance to ensure that Web 2.0/Ajax solutions like Zimbra remain viable across clients, operating systems, browsers, and languages, just as is the case for the World-wide Web.
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